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How to recover deleted partition

Why deleted or lost partitions can be recovered?

Generally speaking, if a partition has been wiped several times, there's only little possibility to get back data from wiped partition. Whether you're a green hands or expert, you've got no way to recover wiped partition completely.

But what cheers us up is that it is always only an incomplete wiping that has been performed to partition. In this case, you can use Partition Recovery Wizard built in iData Recovery Wizard to recover deleted or lost partitions.

Recover Deleted or lost Partitions Turtorial

1. Install and Launch iData Recovery Wizard.

Users are supposed to install iData Recovery Wizard to appropriate place (the tool can't be installed to the wiped partition in order to avoid data overwriting).

2. Select Lost Partition Recovery Mode.

Then, you will see above main interface and all you need to do now is to select "Lost Partition Recovery" to start recovering useful data from wiped partition. The possible partitions will be displayed in iData Recovery Wizard and choose the most suggested one and click Next to continue.

3. Preview and Recover Data from Deleted Partition.

All files found in wiped partition can be seen. You check the files they need to recover.