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Recover Data from Corrupted or Unrecognized USB Drive

USB drive such as external usb device, usb hard drive, usb pen drive, usb stick, usb flash drive helps us transfer data easily between computers. However, different rasons may causes usb drive corruption, or usb drive error like not formatted, or even turns usb drive into shortcut. So how do we recover data such as photos, videos, documents such as Microsoft Word docx files, Powerpoint Presentation ppt files, Microsoft Excel files, pdf data, and folders on damaged usb drive?

In fact, various reasons may causes usb drive to be corrupted. Here we listed some common reasons as below.

Virus infection could causes files and folder to be hidden, or becomes shortcut, or usb drive not accessible

File table corruption could damage the usb drive

Unplug usb device from computer without ejecting or safe remove

Reset usb device which causes data loss

Accidentally deleted some system files and make usb drive unreadble by computer

Usb drive not recognized, or not detected by computer for unknown reason

Recover Data from Corrupted or Unrecognized USB Drive Tutorial

1. Install and Launch iData Recovery Wizard.

2. Connect USB drive to computer.

Run iData Recovery Wizard, choose "Data Recovery" mode and then select USB drive letter (e.g. E:), and then press button "Next" to start scan the usb device.

3. Preview and Recover Data.

You will see files shown one by one. Select the ones you want, and click "Recover" to save them.

If steps above does not work, you can do a quick format of USB device in computer (in comptuer, right click the USB device, and then choose format... and in the format settings dialog, check "quick format" option). After format complete, you can run again iData Recovery Wizard and use it to scan the USB and recover files.